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Im still alive people, wow I have not updated this thing in ages..been meaning to so much but just haven't had the time, or im just lazy.

Well.... not much is going on right now just trying to get threw uni, (which isa pile of shit) it is not what people make it out to mabye....mabye im just wining, but i am not experiance the uni...mabye it's cause I not living in halls which would be I suppose "living the student life" but sinc my course is only a year and i am goingto re-apply to do my degree i might stay closer to hom or go out of london completely....(it take me 2 hours to get to my uni which us in KENT which is far since i live in thing that is resembling the uni life is NO MONEY! my first installment of my loan had gone...mabye buying usless crap..mabye going out to much and getting drunk...mabye just mabye..but hopefully my dad will get me this caterring job at a hospital...i don't care anymore what im doing as long as i have some doe! well...i have become a camera whore i shall leave with some picture to ponder over don't get to excited ;).

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