weirdo_freak (weirdo_freak) wrote,

[Mood:| Lazy]

Went out saturday, it was okay I guess, One of my friends got drunk lol, it was so funny I never seen her like that before, she was with with her boyfriend, hahaha some guy tried to chat her up and her boyfriend got up so quick and stood right in fron of him lol,I thought there would be an argument. Left there about 1 walked for about an hour:-| then I got a ca home, btw his cab smelt nice call me weird?? but it smelt really girly ;). Got work tomorrow, 12-8 and

HAPPY BIRTHY ZELLYR, ( i know it's a bit late)

sorry I couldn't get you orlando bloom but here is a picture for you :)
Image hosted by<lj-cut
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