weirdo_freak (weirdo_freak) wrote,

Wow, I have not updated in ages, been working a lot this summer and that has aken up most of my time.

Been a depressing week, A level results I won't post them becasue they are bad and I knew the outcome, Dunno which Uni im off to yet, partly becasue i am waiting for my GCSE maths results, I suck big time at maths and this is the 3rd time i am retaking shameful I know, and theres probably no excuse for me failing so many times but I have come along way to do my A levels at one point I dind't even think I would be able to do them and as a person I love to learn and doing anything apart from A levels I think I would have given up. Hopefully it's a pass so fingerscross

On a lighter note, Lost omg I loveeee it that and Nip/Tuck (what a mind fuck I can't believe they let it end that way) but Ava being a man who would have thought...I was thinking the other day Nip/Tuck coulnd't do anything else to shock me but boy was i wrong with the Adrian and Ava thing no that was a shocker. This is sooo late but i just stared reading the new Harry Potter and I have been trying not to read the spoliers that have been posted of the net..Im so proud :p

Image hosted by becasue she is small and cute and i love her acting one of my favourite actress

Image hosted by love tim burton films and this looks weird and funny

Image hosted by you really think id make and lj entry and not post a picture:p

Image hosted by i still love her!!!

Image hosted by one of my favourite films 1. they kept it in the language of how shakesphere wrote it and they modernised it make me cry all the time :'(
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